Archos Vision Personal Media Players to be launched in UK

The newest line of Archos portable media players will be available in the United Kingdom in August 2009.  Its flagship model, the Archos 3 Vision, comes with a three-inch touch screen display, 8GB worth of storage, a microSDHC card slot, video playback, and a bunch of minor yet probably useful features for you from a voice recorder, stopwatch, FM transmitter, and a calendar. 

Archos positions the Vision PMP’s as a direct competitor of the iPod Touch with nearly half the price.  The Archos 3 Vision will be sold by as much as £90 (or $148).  Other models in the Vision line include the 2 Vision, which has a 1.8-inch display and 16GB storage space at £50 ($82); and the Archos Clipper, a smaller yet just as efficient version with 2GB storage and priced at £20 ($32).  Meanwhile, the 8GB 2 Vision is already available through Archos’ online store for only £40 ($65).

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