Archos PC Stick

ARCHOS PC StickPortability has become a trend when it comes to computing devices. Mobile computing seems to be getting more popular, with computer ever getting smaller, portable and more mobile. With devices like the new Archos PC Stick, people may be changing their view and idea of what a personal computer should be.

The new Archos PC Stick offers users the power of a personal computer in a device that can fit into one’s pocket. This portable pocket PC stick can plug into any HDMI supported displays that also includes projectors. When connected, the Archos PC Stick will boot automatically and offer full computer features with access to Windows mobile programs. Users can connect input peripherals and other accessories to the Archos PC Stick via Bluetooth or via a USB port.

The Archos PC Stick features an Intel Quad Core processor with Intel HD graphics, 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage. It runs with a Windows 10 OS and comes with a micro SD card slot for additional storage. With these specs, students and even business people will always have a portable computer handy when they need it. This new pocket PC on a stick is available for $99.
Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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