Archos New Online Video Options and Placeshifting Support

Archos 605 WiFi

In an effort to make their products even more attractive to consumers, Archos has provided a series of upgrades planned for its line of online multimedia products, especially on the 605 WiFi and the 705 WiFi. Here are just some of the exciting upgrades that Archos has in store:

Streaming Video, Audio and Podcast Support

Archos would be providing a $20 upgrade option for Archos handhelds that will enable t to handle dedicated streaming video and Internet radio support. The number of video streams and radio stations available would depend on how many content providers that Archos may be able to bring into the bandwagon in the future.

Flash 9 Video Support

This firmware upgrade would allow users to go and visit any website and check out streaming videos under the latest version of Flash and watch the videos from their Archos handhelds. This would be a distinct advantage over the recent iPhones and iPod Touch which only supports video streams from the ever popular YouTube.

"TVportation" Placeshifting Support

With the recent offering of the Archos TV+ DVR model, the company would be offering what it calls a TVportation upgrade. It is a placeshifting feature that will allow the Archos TV+ system to stream live TV programming into other Internet-connected gadgets such as other Archos portable handhelds, Windows PC and Mobile smartphones as well as Symbian smartphones. The viewing software for the portable gadgets would be provided for free and the streaming options is for free. The software would only allow streaming live TV on the gadgets but would be unable to view the programs recorded on Archos TV+.

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