Archos GranitePhone

Archos GranitePhoneIf there is any device that people nowadays cannot do without, it’s the smartphone. Yes, most people carry their smartphones practically everywhere they go. The day seems empty when one does not have a phone in his or her pocket. For some people, it’s like leaving your wallet at home. People now easily feel helpless without their smartphone nearby. And for people who can be quite clumsy and forgetful, this Archos GranitePhone might be the ideal phone to have around.

The smartphone can carry a lot of information about its owner. The Archos GranitePhone tries to keep that information safe and secure. Its security architecture is designed to keep the information it stores safe and secure. Multiple levels of protection ensures that the data is always kept safe and discourage information thieves from ever trying to steal it.

That’s not all. The data you have on this phone can also be stored in a secure cloud for added flexibility. Its encrypted features allow users to securely access the data from any other device anywhere using SIKUR apps.

For hardware specs, the Archos GranitePhone is just as good as the other popular smartphones out there. It comes with a 5-inch Full HD touchscreen display, a proprietary Granite OS, and a 16MP camera along with its tight security features. The Archos GranitePhone is focused on user privacy and will ensure that private data stays that way. This smartphone can be ordered at GranitePhone site for $849.

Image Source: Max Borges Agency

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