Archos 94 Magnus Tablet

Archos 94 MagnusOne of the main features that people look into when choosing tablets is storage capacity. Aside from processing speed, display size and RAM, people like to have tablets with the largest storage space possible. With tablets becoming the primary device for entertainment among an increasing number of users, the need for bigger storage space is just natural. People now store and watch HD movies on tablets, which require quite a lot of storage space. This new Archos 94 Magnus Tablet may just be the best bet available when it comes to high storage capacity tablets.

The new Archos 94 Magnus can become your favorite portable media device. Its main selling feature is its incredible 256 GB worth of internal storage. That can be more than enough for storing your favorite HD videos as well as the tons of apps you download and use on a daily basis. You can even increase the storage capacity further via a microSD slot on the tablet that can accept cards up to 128 GB in terms of capacity.

Aside from storage, the Archos 94 Magnus also comes with a 1.8 GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex A17 processor to give the tablet fast and efficient processing power. It also comes with a 1.5GB RAM and a separate graphics processor that can handle even the most demanding graphics and video files as well as apps. It also comes with a 9.4-inch HD IPS screen to provide clear and sharp viewing in high definition. The tablet also comes with front and back cameras that can capture your most memorable moments in images or video. A mini-HDMI port is available so that users can connect and enjoy the total Android 4.4 KitKat experience right through their HDTV. A 6400 mAh battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous use for every full charge. The Archos 94 Magnus Tablet is expected to be available sometime in April exclusively through the Archos Online store. Be ready to fork up $349 to get one.

Image Source: Archos

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