Archos 5G Portable Video Player

Archos 5G

Just when you think that Internet surfing on the go can’t get any more exciting, here is a gadget that might. The Archos 5G aims to give you more than just portable Internet surfing possible. Consider it as your total entertainment system in portable form.

The Archos 5G is designed to give you the features of a portable Internet tablet combined with a portable media player. This device can support full web browsing on its 800 pixel wide resolution 5" screen. Good enough to view web pages yet small enough to conveniently bring along wherever you go.

The Archos 5G features WiFi and 3G network connectivity allow you to check your emails while on the go aside from web surfing.

The Archos 5 also enables you to check out Web TV and Radio stations anywhere you are, as long you stay connected to a WiFi broadband connection. You never have to miss out on your favorite online TV or radio shows with the Archos 5G around.

Image Source: Archos

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