ARCHOS 3 Touchscreen Personal Media Player

MP3 players will always have a place in this broad consumer market, which ARCHOS would like to exploit with its latest personal media player.

The ARCHOS 3 boasts of a 3-inch touchscreen display, covering almost the whole surface of the device.  The display features a brand-new virtual wheel selector, providing a whole new browsing experience.  Compact and lightweight, the ARCHOS 3 is small enough to fit in almost every pocket, but pretty enough to show-off to friends and family.  Other features include a voice and audio recorder, a stopwatch, and a calendar.

How you use the ARCHOS 3 is entirely up to you:  Listen to up to 4,000 songs delivered in superb audio quality for up to 14 hours; view digital photos in amazing panoramic view; or you can choose to do both with music slideshows, all stored on a 8GB flash drive.

The ARCHOS 3 has enough features to keep you satisfied.  Expect hours of listening and viewing fun with this nifty device.

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