Archos 2 MP3 Player

archos 2 mp3 player

Details on the latest MP3 player from Archos, the Archos 2, are out. Although there’s little revolutionary about its specs, the very affordable $59 price may be enough to overlook the shortcomings of this budget MP3 player. Its release isn’t an unexpected move from the manufacturer, knowing that it has been almost 2 years since the Archos 105 MP3 player was released.

The Archos 2 is said to meet the needs of most music addicts with its 8GB disk capacity to store about 4,000 songs. It takes on Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod Nano’s portrait-style screen orientations and candy bar designs. With a 1.8-inch color screen (128 x 160 pixel resolution), it includes music playback, video playback, a photo viewer, and voice-recording capabilities.

The latest MP3 player model also features microSD memory expansion. This means you can add more files or music on the fly by swapping cards. But the Archos 2 MP3 player has no FM radio, which is kind of odd knowing that almost all iPod alternatives have one. It comes in black and white, and Amazon is showing one capacity (8GB) so far. But there’s a rumor going on that a 16GB will be released in Europe. Archos has yet to announce the release date of its latest product.

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