Aquafairy AF-M3000 Fuel Cell Portable Power Supply

A backup power supply has become a necessity for people with a lot of portable devices around. The usual kind may be a backup battery that can be charged via an AC outlet. There is another type of portable power supply in Japan in the form of the new Aquafairy AF-M3000 that uses hydrogen fuel cells for power.

It might be quite interesting having hydrogen fuel cells as a portable power supply to charge mobile devices. In fact, the Aquafairy AF-M3000 is one of the very first of the portable fuel cell multi-power supply devices to come out in Japan. This compact device can provide 3.5W of maximum output at 5.2 voltage output. A single fuel cartridge can charge an Apple iPhone 4 to 50 percent capacity for 90 minutes.

The Aquafairy AF-M3000 Fuel Cell Portable power supply will be able to charge a number of portable USB devices. It is expected to be available in Japan around the middle of April. This portable fuel cell power supply is expected to cost around 26,250 Japanese Yen, including a pack if 5 fuel cartridges. Each fuel cartridge is expected to be sold for around 2,625 Japanese Yen each.

Image Source: Aquafairy

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