Aqua Coton- The Handheld Washing Device

Aqua CotonIt is a common problem having accidental stains on your dress or shirt when going out on a party or any other occasion where dining is concerned. It may be wine, food, coffee, sauce or any other stains that may leave an unsightly mark on what you are wearing. If you need a quick fix, you can always have the Aqua Coton handy the next time you go out.

The Aqua Coton is a unique handy washing device recently announced by Haier Asia. You can use it to remove fresh stains on your formal or informal wear during an unfortunate accident. It is just the size of a typical hair spray, making it small enough to have inside your bag or purse. It removes the stains by gently tapping on the cloth while spraying water also spraying water on the stain at the same time. It washes a small area at a time, making it ideal for targeting only the stains and not needing to wash the clothes whole. It is also handy to use on delicate clothing, which may not be easy to wash in the typical way.

The Aqua Coton only weighs 200 grams and is a handy solution to removing those stains before they ever leave a mark on your expensive clothing. It is powered by four alkaline batteries and uses a vibrating tip to remove the fresh stains gently with a dab of about a teaspoon of water and liquid detergent. The maker, Haier Asia says that it is accepting pre-orders for the device, which will be coming out sometime in March this year. Price for the Aqua Coton is set at 10,800 Japanese Yen or around $92.

Image Source: Akihabara News

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