ApriPoko, Toshiba's Channel Surfing Helper-Bot

ApriPoko Toshibas Robot

Consumer robotics is still on its infancy, and Toshiba is taking a crack on it with awesome cuteness. The company recently introduced ApriPoko, a prototype infrared-sensing robot that utilizes remote control switches according to your behavioral pattern. For example, when you flip the TV channel using a remote control, ApriPoko would sense the infrared signal and asks you, "What did you just do?".

If you reply something like, "I switched to channel 260," this android would memorize the command and then you can let ApriPoko operate that channel switch using your voice. So far, this cute robot could only turn on and off the TV aside from channel surfing, and eventually will be offered to general consumers. No, they will not attack you while during your shower (at least not yet).

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