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You probably have created the “next best app” in your mind, but you have absolutely zero knowledge in building the necessary codes to make that dream app a reality. A Kickstarter project aims to provide that helping hand.

AppSeed is an app that helps you build prototype apps straight from your sketches. Take photos of your illustrations first, making sure to fit it with the app’s borders, and let AppSeed’s magic do the rest. It converts your drawn out features into user interface elements like maps, buttons, and input text.

This app skips the grueling process of coding or any other extra steps. For instance, AppSeed brings out your phone’s keyboard function when designating a section of input data.


The app makes use of the OpenCV library, which is an open-source database containing over 2,000 algorithms. This library helps the app identify individual elements in sketches.

Take note that AppSeed does not produce a finished app. However, it does help in steamlining the process of testing and retesting, giving the users an idea about the final product.

As of this posting, this Kickstarter project has already exceeded its full funding goal of $30,000 Canadian dollars, reaching over $40,000 CAD with 12 hours to go. You can still back it up for at least $8 CAD for a Kickstarter edition of AppSeed, with an expected shipping date of January 2014.

Source: Mashable

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