Apple’s New Map App Looks Catastrophic

Apple’s newest map app in iOS 6, which the company replaced from the default Google Maps, has been getting a lot of flak lately.

Fox News calls the TomTom-developed Maps application an “unsightly blemish on what is otherwise a beautiful OS,” adding that although it performs gorgeously, the software “takes multiple giant leaps backwards compared to Google Maps.”

For one, it has an inefficient search function. Try searching for a Chinese restaurant located a few hundred feet away and it would yield a result thousands of miles away. Searching for a way to get to a certain location, which works very well with Google Maps, can be frustrating in Apple’s Maps app especially if you are rushing to a meeting. Looking for a place that is within a mile where you are serves results located in a different city.

The new Maps app also does not work well in pinpointing exact addresses, leading you to a different street or a different town.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter.

Source: Fox News

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