Apple's iMac G5

Apple iMac G5

The Apple iMac G5 is the third installment in the iMac series of personal computers. Its initial difference from the previous iMac versions in the series lies in its physical structure. Whereas the previous versions may have followed a brick like design, the iMac G5 takes a new sleeker form with added curves on its edges. This makes the new version look even better.

The iMac G5 is equipped with two firewire ports and three USB ports on its back panel. Two other USB ports are located in the keyboard for additional attachments. It is powered by Apple’s PowerPC G5 processor with 512 MB of RAM and 160 GB hard drive. It is equipped with an nVidia GeForce FX 5200 graphic card and a DVD-R SuperDrive. It has an LCD widescreen that is available in 17-inch or 20-inch screen monitor.

Another notable feature of the iMac G5 is its built-in camera known as iSight. Located above the monitor, the camera can be used for videoconferencing and even to snap some pictures or record video clips. The iSight also functions as a webcam. Its wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse also do away with cables and wires to make its simple set up quite interesting and appealing to look at.

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