Apple Watch Finally Revealed

Apple WatchSmart watches have already been around since a year or so ago. They come in different functions aside from just a device that tells the time. Common features of many smart watches in the market today include helping users keep track and monitor their fitness regimen and performance. Other smart watches come with features that make them a complement to your smart phone. Interesting and appealing as these new smart devices may be, they have not really gained that much of a momentum in capturing more attention among consumers. It may take Apple to help introduce more people into this new device market with its announcement of the new Apple Watch.

Apple has recently announced the newest addition into their new lineup of popular smart devices in the form of the Apple Watch. Although already announced previously in past meetings and conferences, it is only now that the company finally announced its availability. Its features some innovative technology that sets it apart from the other smart watches now available in the market. It is not just a highly accurate timepiece. It is also a personal communication device as well as a health and fitness companion.

The new Apple Watch features the innovative Digital Crown, an innovative way to navigate the features of the watch without obstructing the display. The Retina display and the Force Touch features is able to sense between a user’s tap and press to enable a more accurate and easy access to controls. Users can also use the Apple Watch to receive and send messages and calls coming from the iPhone. The Activity app on the Apple Watch also helps provide users with health and fitness data related to your daily activities and work out sessions, thanks to the different built-in sensors on the device. Users can even use the Apple Watch to make purchases or payments via Apple Pay.

With a large and active developer community, upcoming features may be included into the Apple Watch as third-party developers imagine the many possibilities available for the gadget. It just becomes a more powerful and innovative product that may just become the most personal device from Apple. The Apple Watch will be available in two different sizes- the 38mm and the 42mm. They will also come in three different collections- the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition with their distinct features. These devices are expected to be available sometime in late April in various global markets. It will be available for pre-order through the Apple Online Store by April 10. The Apple Watch Sport is expected to cost around $349 and $399, the Apple Watch at around $549 to $1,099 and the luxurious Apple Watch Edition starting at around $10,000.

Image Source: Apple

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