Apple, Victim Of Its Own Success

Apple ipods

Apple has enjoyed quite a success with its line of portable and cool consumer products. It all started with the release of the wildly popular and ultra cool iPod portable media player in 2001. This established Apple as a major player once again and the success led to the release of other consumer products such as the iPod Nano, and the iPod iTouch.

But recently, the company seems to become a victim of its own rise to success. Their success arrived at a very fast pace with the release of their different products on such a short span of time. But it seems that the rate may be slowing down, at least in terms of the excitement that people feel with Apple’s recent product launches. And this was prominently seen at the recent September iPod event.

Whereas previous Apple events were met with enthusiasm and excitement, the recent was just coolly received by analysts. The reason may come from the way Apple tries to hype up their events that lead to sometimes too unrealistic expectations among followers. Finally the expectations caught up with them. The release of the new line of iPods did not elicit the kind excitement that it was used to.

The new products apple recently released were either revamped versions of their product line including entries into HD TV’s and the announcement of NBC coming back to iTunes. This is not something that would really bring Apple product users into frenzy.

The recent lukewarm reception of the iPod event may signal the entry of Apple into a period of the doldrums for lack of innovative features to offer for their new product line. Rest assured that competitors might be on their way to catch up by looking out for the "next big thing" in the hopes of duplicating th success that Apple enjoyed this past few years.

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