Apple Unveils “iTunes in the Cloud” Music Service

Apart from the iCloud, Apple also unveils its cloud-based music service called “iTunes in the Cloud.” Although it may not stream music, this free service would allow users to download any music they have purchased to all of your devices. Note that users would still have to buy their tunes from iTunes, which would now be automatically downloaded and pushed to up to 10 different devices. It is pretty much like how the iCloud works, only using iTunes.

Apple has also announced the iTunes Match, which lets users put up to 25,000 music tracks ripped from CDs into the cloud. This is achieved by scanning the music library and matching songs to the versions Apple already has, then providing a DRM-free 256kbps AAC file of the ripped CD track. This enables users to save time in uploading songs to the cloud. In case the ripped song does not have an iTunes version, it will uploaded. Unlike the iTunes in the Cloud, however, iTunes Match would cost $24.99 annually.

A beta version of iTunes in the Cloud is available today, but only in the United States, while iTunes Match will be launched sometime this fall.

Source: Apple, via Engadget

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