Apple Unveils iPad Mini

After months of teasing, Apple finally unveiled iPad‘s “Mini Me.” The 7.9-inch iPad Mini marks Apple’s entrance into the very lucrative smaller-tablet market, competing against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note, Google’s Nexus 7, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. The $329 iPad Mini promises to have improved graphics and processing speeds despite the smaller size.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook spearheaded the launch Tuesday in San Jose, California. He also trumpeted what his company has achieved so far, like the iPhone 5 being the fastest-selling smartphone in history, that it has sold 84 million iPads since its debut in April 2010, and that over 200 million devices run on iOS6.

It’s funny how Apple decided to venture into a market it has derided at times, with the late Steve Jobs proudly declaring that a smaller iPad would never happen, after seeing how pocket-sized tablets became in-demand and profitable for Amazon and Google.

The iPad Mini measures just 7.2mm thick and features a larger display resolution at 1024 x 768, and at least 16GB of storage. No word yet on when these small iPads will be shipped.

Source: Reuters and Fox News

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