Apple’s “transparent texting” lets you walk-and-text

Apple applies transparent texting patent

Apple applies transparent texting patent

In a world where people cannot be bothered as they look at their smartphones while walking, there are bound to be incidents of bumping into poles or stepping onto a discarded chewing gum. Apple wants an end to this inattentiveness to surroundings while browsing the mobile phones with “transparent texting” technology.

Apple has secured last Thursday a patent with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a procedure that allows iPhone users to see what is blocking their view as they look at their iMessages or SMS.

Instead of a white background, the “transparent texting” technology displays a live video image from the iPhone’s rear-facing camera. In this way, users can finally say they can see where they are going as they busily reply to colleagues and friends.

While you wait for that technology to appear on your Apple mobile device, you can settle for similar apps like Type n Walk for iOS (pictured) and Walk N Text for Android. Both apps use the back camera to make the smartphones see through.

Will this technology lessen the incidents of mobile phone-related accidents? Probably, but not significantly. Walk N Text also reminds users not to use the app while driving, because safety issues.

Source: Mashable

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