Apple to Introduce Their Latest Creation

Apple's Latest Creation

Apple announced that they are throwing a press event on January 27 in San Francisco to present its "latest creation."  Insiders claim that this event could be the unveiling of Apple’s long-rumored tablet device.  The Applet tablet, long been blogged, tweeted, and speculated about its very existence, has been generating much enthusiasm from fanboys around the world.

However, in an interview by Clayton Morris of Fox News, an Apple representative said the event would likely focu on three projects:  The Apple Tablet, software for iPhone 4, and a new line of iLife 2010 software.

But do not keep your hopes up yet, as Apple has been notorious about stuffing rabbits back in the hat.  Example of which was when the news about a camera on the latest iPod Touch turned out to be a dud and the camera was instead stuffed with a Nano.

So what will Apple introduce on the 27th?  We will never know until that day comes.

Image source:  Apple, via Fox News

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