Apple to Host iPhone Event September 10

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S to be unveiled in iPhone event

Tech industry insiders report that Apple will host its iPhone event on September 10. The tech community and Apple fans alike expect the company to unveil two smartphones: the long-rumored budget iPhone (which will bear the monicker “iPhone 5C”) and the iPhone 5S.

The launch comes as Apple barely unveiled anything in 2013 except for iOS 7 in June and the company is facing mounting pressure from all sides. Fox Business has reported that Apple’s board members are pushing for more innovation on its products, while Android has dominated the market with a 75% share mainly due to providing different handsets with multiple price points from different manufacturers.

iPhone 5C to arrive in iPhone event

While Apple has had so-so quarter sales figures recently, they remain relatively profitable. However, consumers seem to be asking more from Apple beyond the pricey smartphones and tablets, such as the rumored Apple TV sets and the iWatch.

With the reported iPhone event, observers are on a wait-and-see mode whether the new smartphones (particularly the budget iPhone) would bring in significant sales performance in emerging markets such as China and India. It also remains to be seen whether markets outside the United States would respond favorably over Apple’s “sticky” ecosystem (or how users would end up purchasing all-Apple hardware and software since they all work seamlessly together).

Analysts, however, have low expectations toward the upcoming iPhone. Peter Misek of Jefferies has stated in a research note that iPhone 5S will unlikely stop the trend of “elongating replacement cycles” as consumer attitudes are shifting towards low-end smartphones, especially in emerging markets, instead of purchasing updated iPhones.

“We believe people are likely to skip the 5S and wait for the (iPhone 6) with its larger screen,” Misek notes.

Misek also expects Apple to sell 30 million iPhone units in the quarter ending in September, 45 million in December quarter, and 29.3 from January to March 2014.

Source: ZDNET

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