Apple to Have “Made in USA” Macs in 2013… By Foxconn?

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed during an interview with American journalist Brian Williams that his company will have one of its existing Mac lines be manufactured right within home soil in 2013. With such a statement, it remains unsure whether the product tipped to bear the “Made in USA” label would be the iMac, Mac Mini, or any of the Mac laptops.

As Apple does not own any manufacturing facilities, Cook plans to invest over $100 million with a partner, which has long been rumored to be Foxconn.

Yes, Foxconn–the Chinese manufacturing superpower infamous for going the extra mile, like hiring minors and vocational students (allegedly), just to make more iPhones and iPads. We have reported last month that Foxconn plans on putting up facilities in the United States, although there have been claims that it already has two factories in Indiana making HP computers.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Foxconn spokesperson Louis Woo said that “supply chain is one of the big challenges for US expansion.”

“Any manufacturing we take back to the U.S. needs to leverage high-value engineering talent there in comparison to the low-cost labor of China,” Woo added.

Source: NBC News, Bloomberg, via Engadget (1) and (2)

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