Apple Time Capsule with 2TB Version

Apple time capsule

For avid Mac users, they always take pride of using a gadget that not "everyone"is using. Mac users know that there are only a select "few"that belong in their group (as compared to the "generic" PC lot) and this is what makes them stand out in a way. And even with what Apple gadgets there are, it is truly a good place to belong.

Mac users may find it welcome news that Apple is now offering a 2TB Time Capsule. A wireless storage backup device such as the Time Capsule would already be good enough to have since it has the ability to automatically back up files wirelessly for Mac users, even for two or three of them.

And maybe because of its network features, the Time Capsule has just been given a 2TB version so that there would be enough storage space to go along for two or three Macs in the house. Nobody it seems can have enough storage space as time goes along. And with the Time Capsule also working as a capable WiFi base station would be added value for its US$299 price tag.

Image Source: Apple

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