Apple smartwatch may have solar charging

Apple smartwatch may have solar charging

Apple smartwatch may have solar charging

While Apple has yet to announce it is making a smartwatch of its own, reports have been spreading about its development. The latest buzz on the community, fueled by a report in New York Times, is that Apple may be testing alternative ways to charge its wearable device without having to plug it in.

Among the possible options are solar, inductive, and motion charging. Sources confided to New York Times that the Apple smartwatch may have a solar layer beneath its display, making it viable for solar charging. The company is also looking into making its wearable devices charge kinetically, a technology that is already in use in many modern (but non-smart) wristwatches.

Meanwhile, inductive charging has been the “it” technology among smartphones, as seen in the likes of Google Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia 920. This type of wireless charging, however, has not been applied on a smaller device like the iWatch, or whatever name the Apple smartwatch would be called.

The report also claims that Apple’s smartwatch will be heavily focused on health and fitness.

Source: Engadget

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