Apple Slashes iPod Prices

iPod Touch at its new price

Hours before Apple’s "big event" in San Francisco, the company has updated its official online store with a deluge of price markdowns on its iPod products, which elicited a wave of "thank you’s" from cash-strapped fan boys the world over.

The 32GB iPod Touch, for instance, is 30% off its original US$399 retail price and now sells at $279.  Its 16GB version, meanwhile, takes $50 away and is now available at $249.  The 8GB version now costs $189, down from the usual $229.

And it is not just the Touch prices that are getting the price slashes.  Even iPod Nano are getting its share of markdowns.  The 16GB model now sells at $149 after a 50-dollar discount, while the 8GB is down $20 to just $129.  The iPod Classic also gets the 20-dollar markdown.

This deluge of discounts can be viewed as Apple’s response to the global recession, but at the same time they are stealing away rival Microsoft’s thunder, which is supposed to release next week its 32GB Zune HD media player costing at $289.99, about $10 more expensive than the discounted 32GB iPod Touch.

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