Apple Sends Out Cease and Desist to Startup Using “App Store”

After Amazon, Microsoft, and many others, Apple has filed a Cease and Desist order against a home server software startup that uses the term “App Store.” In response, Amahi temporarily changed it to App Mart, all while asking users for a new name to call their app store.

Of course, you wanted a small company to “fight back,” but they do not have the enough cash to throw away like Amazon did. Besides, Apple has every right to claim that the term “App Store” is their trademark, and Amahi can always change App Mart back to App Store if the court decision goes not in favor of Apple.

Meanwhile, Amahi has come up with a contest for its users to suggest a new phrase to call its App Mart. Currently in the lead is “iStore,” but I don’t think that will be used unless the startup wants more legal headaches. Other suggestions include “App Shop,” “Amahi Store,” “Amahi Market,” and “Appalog.” If you want to join for a chance to win a computer and a pro membership, head over to Amahi.

Source: CrunchGear

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