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It seems like Apple is set to give the Sony and Nintendo a run for its money after the former’s dismal sales of PSPGo and mixed reactions over the latter’s Nintendo DSi.  The company has opened a job vacancy searching for a "Games/ Media Software Engineer," helping them design and implement "interactive multimedia experiences" (or video games in plain English) for both iPod Touch and iPhone.

Qualified candidates should be a "passionate gamer" with at least three years of experience in the industry, has published and shipped at least one "AAA title" (a gaming equivalent to "blockbuster hit" movie, meaning the video has a certain level of graphical polish not to mention hype factor), as well as knowledge for specific programming languages and applicable skills in audio systems, graphic pipeline, and network programming.

Apart from that, candidates also need to be creative thinkers who can contribute and comment on the design process, while being flexible enough to aid in all aspects of video game production.

Do you think you have got what it takes to be part of the Apple family?  It won’t hurt if you try.

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