Apple Reveals New Cloud Service Called iCloud

Apple has announced its upcoming software, but what really got our attention is its cloud service, appropriately called iCloud. The service is speculated to become the replacement of Apple’s MobileMe, revamping it with upgrades to improve performance and stability, as well as added services like calendar and e-mail syncing.

There are also talks about a potential music service that will be included in iCloud, although this has yet to be confirmed. What is known so far is that Apple is said to have signed with partner for what appears to be a mirrored version of an iTunes database, which will put in competition with Amazon’s and Google’s music services, as well as other cloud-based sharing services like Spotify and Rdio.

Apart from the iCloud, Apple is also set to unveil on June 6 its latest Mac OS X version called “Lion” and the iOS 5 advanced mobile operating system.

Source: CrunchGear

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