Apple Remains Unapologetic with iPhone 4 Antenna Flaw

The big wigs of Apple has just held its press conference displaying the latest updates on the iPhone 4, as well as address the most pressing issues at hand. What started as a simple design flaw (putting the antenna along the sides of the phone) became a big issue in the tech world, especially when the all-important Consumer Reports magazine stated it will not give the iPhone 4 its “Recommended” stamp mainly because of this flaw (even recommending putting duct tape to cover the gap at the antenna), plus the Bloomberg report regarding Apple being fully aware of the antenna problem yet released the product nonetheless.

To summarize what Apple had to say, they insist that there is no problem with the software (a complete turn around from their previous claims). They will also provide an upgrade on the phone’s proximity sensor to decrease the instances of dropped calls. Also, Steve Jobs challenged Bloomberg to provide proof to their claim.

If that is not enough, Apple even tried dragging other phones under the bus by claiming these phones also lose signal strength when being held at a certain way.

As a way to appease the consumers, the company will be giving away their US$29 bumpers for free. These bumpers have been proven to eliminate the problem altogether (even Consumer Reports agrees). Those who bought it earlier can even apply for refund. This offer, however, is until September 30. Frustrated users can even return their iPhone 4 for a full refund, as long as it is “unharmed” (like “unused,” maybe?).

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