Apple pulls out “Barbie” plastic surgery app

Barbie plastic surgery app

Barbie plastic surgery app

The Apple App Store has pulled out a Barbie-inspired plastic surgery app after an intense backlash led in party by an anti-sexism group.

The game, called “Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie Version”, was launched last week and has a rating of “9 and up”. The plastic surgery app lets aspiring surgeons perform graphic liposuction procedures on an “unfortunate girl” to make her “slim and beautiful”.

The walkthrough includes injecting anesthetic, making incisions using a scalpel, and sucking fat out with a pump. This process is repeated several times on the girl’s different “problem areas”.

Barbie plastic surgery app

The app, which was launched last week, received scorn from across the Internet, including the Everyday Sexism Project that initiated a Twitter campaign bugging iTunes to remove the game. In multiple tweets, the group asked iTunes to “reconsider marketing this ‘game’ to players aged 9+”. It was taken out of the App Store a few hours after.

The developer of the plastic surgery app is identified only as “corina rodriquez”, who has over two dozen iOS apps in the App Store, most of which feature surgery and makeover themes. Although the app uses “Barbie” on its name, it does not appear to be associated with Mattel.

Source: Mashable

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