Apple Planning World Mode iPhone

Smart phones with all their features today can do more than just simple calls and texting. Although such phones have grown popular, there is still something that seems to lack in most smart phones today. One device that may work in one country may not usually work in another. The different systems such as GSM and CDMA also make the use of mobile phones quite restricted especially for the frequent traveler. The best one can do for now is buy separate mobile phones that work on different networks.

No less than Apple’s iPhone is mulling over this issue- planning a hybrid smart phone that works on both GSM/UMTS ans CDMA networks. Although all of these still remain purely rumors for now, the new so-called hybrid iPhone would also bring in other news associated with developing such a hybrid iPhone.

For one, having plans for a hybrid iPhone may also bring along talks that Apple may be considering changing their exclusivity contract with carrier AT&T. Currently, all Apple iPhones in the US are exclusive for AT&T with its GSM/UTMS network. With Apple planning a hybrid that works both on GSM and CDMA networks, many say that Apple may also be considering offering the iPhone on other US carriers such as Verizon Wireless, which uses the CDMA network.

Planning a hybrid iPhone may actually benefit Apple. Not only will it increase iPhone users by offering them to other US carriers, it can also save up on manufacturing costs by making only a single iPhone model to serve countries all over the world. But still, the plans remain as just talks that may have traveled through the grapevine. It would take Apple’s official announcement of their plans to prove it true.

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