Apple Patents “Charge-While-You-Move” Technology

Apple has submitted a patent in June, published this week by USPTO, that would develop a system wherein devices can be charged by the movements of a person’s body. This movement-based charging is possible through electromagnetic induction using printed coils.

This technology could potentially be used in the coming iPhones, iPads, and iPods, wherein users will not have to worry much about running out of battery juice while they are out and about.

Such method of power creation is nothing new, as several devices including flashlights and quartz wristwatches have utilized electromagnetic induction. Apple’s patent, however, aims to make it possible for this technology to work with mobile devices such as smartphones.

This new patent could be Apple’s way of leapfrogging wireless charging that has been applied in several other smartphones from rival companies. It may also encourage Apple users to get up and lose weight by moving around while charging their iDevices. That, or encourage more chicken choking.

Source: USPTO, via TechCrunch

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