Apple not announcing iPhone 5C preorder numbers

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5C

This is somewhat strange coming from Apple, and we are not talking about releasing two iPhones. For the first time since the debut of iPhone 3GS in 2009, the company remains silent on how many units of iPhone 5C were presold within the first 24 hours.

We have been accustomed to Apple announcing first-day figures of its mobile devices through a press release on Monday following the start of preselling on Friday. This sudden shift in attitude is totally different from the chest-beating, brag-riddled announcements that preorders are more than double than last time.

The hush-hush may indicate that initial figures do not live up to Apple’s expectations, with analysts suggesting that Apple may have around 1 million first-day preorders of iPhone 5C, which is about half the presales of iPhone 5. Meanwhile, Josh Lowensohn of CNET speculates that the company may reveal the numbers once retail of higher-end iPhone 5S begins on Friday, September 20.

Here is one way to check if iPhone 5C preorders have been performing well: whether the smartphone is no longer available online. As of this writing, you can still order the plasticky phone on Apple’s store, compared to how iPhone 5 was sold out within an hour of online preselling.

Apple did not respond to questions about whether it will announce presales numbers its new iPhones.

Source: CNET

Image source: Josh Lowensohn/ CNET

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