Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse, wireless multitouch mouse

Encountering an Apple computer for the first time can be mind-boggling.  For one, its mouse does not have any obvious buttons like the ones you see on your PC.  Some call it weird, but we call it innovative.

And that is what Apple is trying to bring onto the table as they introduce the new wireless Magic Mouse, the first computer mouse to utilize multi-touch technology that allows you to navigate simply by using intuitive finger gestures.  So instead of moving your mouse around the pad, the Magic Mouse just sits on your desk and letting your fingers do the commands.  Now you can easily scroll through long documents, pan across large images, or browse through a collection of web photos without having to strain your arm too much.

The secret of the Magic Mouse lies in its laser tracking engine, providing a smooth and consistent experience compared to the traditional optical tracking system whose performance is dependent on the surface the mouse runs on.  And as mentioned before, this mouse uses wireless capabilities for a clean and cable-free desk top.  This wireless connection also enables the mouse to automatically switch to low power mode while the Mac is inactive.

The Magic Mouse is available with your purchase of the new iMac and will be on the market by the end of October through Apple’s online and retails stores as well as its authorized resellers for only US$69.

Image source:  Apple

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