Apple Launches Safari 5

Apple is not backing down in the browser wars as it introduces its latest upgrade to the Safari. The new features on the Safari 5 includes amped-up speed and new programs like the Safari Reader that blocks all annoying advertisements and other distractions from online articles. It works by simply clicking on the Reader icon in the Smart Address Field and the web page instantly becomes free from clutter, with only the text to read on more comfortably. Users can even change the size of the text and even automatically activates the Reader function if the article is viewed again.

Safari 5 also comes with HTML5 support for a more interactive content and media experience without the need for disk-space-consuming third-party plug-ins. It also now comes with Bing, along with Google and Yahoo!, on the Smart Search Field. The browser even improves its Web Inspector, letting users know Safari interacts with your website in terms of loading, scripting, and rendering.

Download the new Apple Safari 5 right here.

Source: CrunchGear

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