This Apple iWatch concept mixes with Nike Fuelband

Apple iWatch concept

Apple iWatch concept

People have been speculating about the possibility of an Apple iWatch that bears similarities with the Nike+ Fuelband. This comes after Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has been spotted sporting the fitness wrist band. Add the fact that Cook also happens to be part of Nike’s board of directors.

So what if such an Apple smartwatch exist? A student from Germany’s Technische Hochschule Deggendorf has come up with a concept design even Apple fans may mistake it for an actual prototype.

This Fuelband-like iWatch created by Thomas Bogner features a display that cycles through different apps, including the time and day, iTunes music player, and a revolving menu featuring its take on Apple’s iMessage and Calendar apps. Of course, the concept design also includes a Nike+ Fuelband app.

The inspiration behind the design was Bogner’s fascination with the Fuelband. “This concept was clearly inspired due (to) the experience with the Nike+ Fuelbands,” Bogner tells Mashable. “I just fell in love with this flawless form factor.”

Looks like everyone will be all-ears if even a mention of the Apple iWatch would be uttered during the company’s upcoming event today, which is expected to unveil a new line of iPads.


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