Apple iPhone OS 3.1

iPhone OS 3.1

After starting off the 09 09 09 event with the return of CEO Steve Jobs, alive and kicking after a long medical absence, Apple did not keep its anxious audience waiting as it introduces its new line of products and services, beginning with the new iPhone OS 3.1.

Available today, the iPhone OS 3.1 adds several new features to the popular touch screen smartphone, such as the spanking new iTunes 9 that includes Apple Genius, which enables users to manage the phone’s applications within iTunes.  Not only that, Genius would also provide recommendations on what applications users should download based on what they have already downloaded from the Apps Store.

Also, users can also download ringtones through iTunes 9 costing at US$1.29.  They could choose from over 30,000 ringtones from four major music labels.

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