Apple iPhone 4 review

Are you one of the few that don’t already own the Apple iPhone 4? Well if you are, you are not alone. I too am one of those!

I made a point to find out what the review is on the new treasure trove of tech delights. Here is just some of what I found.  The iPhone 4 is  24 per cent slimmer than the 3GS at just 9.3mm thick, designed with a stainless steel band separating the handset’s scratch-resistant glass covered front and back. The new 3.5-inch Retina Display is another big improvement over the 3GS – and all other mobile devices.  With an 800:1 contrast ratio and 960x640p resolution. There will now be an ability to create folders for your apps , as is the option to set home screen images, and my favorite new feature of all time is, the new front-facing camera one. which is there mostly for vanity’s sake. Apple has also included the Skype-style Face Time app. Considering that I am a dating coach, I love to find a piece of technology that has the features to help make flirting, and dating more accessible.

My conclusion for the new iPhone 4 is that we all need one! I love how Apple keeps improving the i Phone and making it a piece of technology that serves in many areas. For instance, social networking, with Twitter and Facebook. The great apps that have been created to keep my niece from getting too bored in church and now the new Skype-style Face Time app. You keep impressing me Apple!

Dawn Donohoo

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