Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3G S


The new Apple iPhone 3GS has the Apple logo at the back, same with the iPhone 3G, though the label is more displayed.

When it comes to smartphones, naturally, the better processor and the bigger memory, the faster experience

Apple hasn’t released the exact specs yet, but Aaron Vronko, CEO of Rapid Repair, reported that a rip down of the Apple Smartphone revealed an ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor running at 600Mhz, and an amped up 256MB RAM, putting it ahead of other sought-after Smartphones.


The iPhone 3GS’s portrait-oriented is a little bigger than other touch keyboards. Although typing on it stills a bit difficult, it does have one important feature: it shows you the key you pressed which makes typing easier and more accurate. Another related plus is that the landscape keyboard can now be used in all text-heavy apps such as Mail, Notes and Messages.

Home screen

The 3GS has the standard home screen, with all the apps in a grid.


Multitasking has been the iPhone’s weakness. When apple announced that multitasking is a drain on battery life (during the announcement of the iPhone OS 3.0), they responded by allowing third-party apps to use a push-notification system. This means that an app can alert you to an instant update without your having to close your current open app.        


The iPhone 3G S‘s calendar is pretty much the same as the OS 3.0. But, you now have more control over which calendars you can use. For instance, you can now add subscription calendars and those that support CalDAV servers like the Google Calendar.

Image source: MSN

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