Apple Intros Fourth-Generation iPod Nano

apple let's rock

Ten AM today in San Francisco the Apple music related event started.  The event had no title, only an invitation poster with the iconic iPod silhouette dancer that said "Let’s Rock" and the date, time and place.

That event was for Apple to intro a few new products.  Among those is the 4th Generation iPod Nano.  The iPod nano, since it’s first generation is the best seller among the iPod line.  Unlike the classic iPod, the Nano as the name suggests is much smaller and sleeker.  And even without the  whopping capacity, the Nano is still the choice iPod simply because it fits perfectly in the pocket.

The first and second generation iPod Nanos were similar in shape and size, long and slender, however the  3rd generation Nano with the integration of video capability got short and fat but maintained the thin profile.  Still the 3rd generation was a flop compared to the first two and got the moniker, Fatpod from critics.

4g ipod nano

This time around, Steve jobs introduced the fourth generation in the iPod Nano line.  Now it’s back to long and slender and still with video capabilities.  The screen is much larger and the sides are more tapered.  Capacity has also increased.  There are 2 variants, 8GB and 16GB costing $149 and $199 respectively.   Nine colors of the music player will be available.

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