Apple Introduces the 128GB iPad

Apple recently hasn’t been standing tall lately for various reasons. One is that they recently saw their stock price go down to amid the reports of lower than expected earnings forecast for the next quarter. It even has been overtaken lately in top place as the most valuable company in the world. It even got itself overtaken as the company with the best selling smartphone. But still, despite these lows, Apple is still trying to come out on top by offering products that people continue to desire. But it might be a mixed bag this time with Apple introducing a 128GB iPad.

The fourth gen Apple iPad will be coming off the shelves featuring a 128GB drive. Many people may find it incredible. But also knowing that Apple may only be offering the iPad with the same hardware as its predecessor but only with a higher capacity drive may not actually sit well with some people. But for enthusiasts for everything Apple the new 128GB iPad may still steer some level of excitement in the air, just not the one that will have people lining up the stores. The new 128GB Apple iPad will be available in both WiFi and 3G versions, which will cost US$799 and US$929, respectively.

Image Source: Apple

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