Apple Introduces New OS X Version Named Lion

Apple welcomes tech reporters to their “Back to the Mac” event, wherein CEO Steve Jobs unveils the newest products their fans can feast on. One of which is a new version of the OS X. Version 10.7, also known as Lion, is in a nutshell a combination of the OS X traditionally found in Mac computers and laptops, and the iOS found in the iPhone and iPad.

One of the Lion’s highlights is the appearance of the App Store in Mac, making shopping for applications easier on desktop as users can download directly from the App Store page and not having to land to the download page, the zip file, DMG, installer, and other red tape procedures.

The new OS also comes with a Mission Control, a sort of launcher with all the downloaded apps in it. This dashboard functionality enables users to search for apps, move them around the screen, among others. It is similar to how the iOS home screen works.

We will keep you posted for more developments on the Lion, as well as other upcoming Apple products.

Source: CrunchGear

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