Apple introduces iPhone 6, large-screen iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiled

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus unveiled

After months of speculation and product leaks, Apple has finally confimed what many gadget fans knew all along. The company announces two new iPhone models: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, which CEO Tim Cook called “the best iPhones” Apple has ever produced.

Both iPhones sport a glass front screen that curves around the side, meeting its anodized aluminum backing.

The iPhone 6 comes with a 4.7-inch screen, compared to a mere 4-inch display of the iPhone 5S. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus has an even larger 5.5-inch screen, making it just as big as some of the smaller Android phones currently in the market. Both phones have a much thinner profile: 6.9mm for the iPhone and 7.1mm for the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6 will be available to ship beginning September 19, with prices starting at $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for the 64GB, and $399 for a whopping 128GB configuration. It comes with a two-year carrier contract.

The iPhone 6 Plus will likely to have the same retail launch date, with a $100 jump on all models and the same two-year contract.

Apart from the larger screens, Apple introduces new features in the new iPhones, such as a “brand new gesture” that slides the whole display down to access notifications at the top of the phone just by double-tapping the screen. Also, its iSight autofocus sensor can now be used in FaceTime and other video-conferencing apps.

The new Apple phones come with the new 64-bit AB processors with two billion transistors, which is twice as many as the iPhone 5S’s A1 chip. This allows for 25 percent faster performance and up to 50 percent more efficient graphics performance.

Their battery life is also improved. Both devices could last for up to 50 hours of audio playback and 11 hours of video watching.

Apple is also selling silicone and leather cases to fit into the new iPhones.

Source: ABC News

Image source: Jefferson Graham, USA Today

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