Apple introduces iOS 8

iOS 8

iOS 8

Apple has formally unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. The iOS 8 has several new features and functionalities, a lot of which were already available on Android for years.

The company has presented the latest iOS during this Worldwide Developers Conference. And while Apple may have lifted some features from Android, its presentation shows the iOS 8 has something extra. For instance, interactive notifications–allowing users to perform tasks by tapping on the alerts–appear straight from the lock screen, which is not the case on Android.

The app-to-app sharing function, which used to be available on a few iOS-approved apps, is now applicable to all apps. Apple gives this function its signature touch by allowing third-party app developers to create photo filters within the main Photos app (a feature borrowed from the “Lenses” function found in Window Phone), as well as extensions like text translation or document watermarking.

The iOS 8 also adds a row of word predictions above its software keyboard, whcih Apple borrowed from Google Keyboard. It will also allow support for third-party software keyboards, which Android already allowed.

The iCloud now supports all file types, enabling users to access their files and folders across all Apple devices with ease. Android users already enjoyed this using the mobile OS’s integration with Google Drive.

Other features found in iOS 8 include a HomeKit for simpler home automation, a HealthKit that unifies all your health tracking apps, and other functions aimed at making all Apple products seamlessly connected.

Source: Time

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