Apple App Tells Stories with Sign Language

The iStorytime app has been dishing out heart-warming children’s stories for the iPhone and iPad. Now, however, they take it one step higher with the introduction of a sign-language mode, starting off with the very successful “Danny the Dragon: Meets Jimmy,” which tells the adventures of a dragon and his navigator who live in a seashell as their home is discovered by a kid named Jimmy.

Using this mode features an interpreter doing ASL (American Sign Language) as the story is being narrated. Not only do deaf children begin to appreciate this educational app even more, but it also enables readers who could hear an idea what signs come with certain words. Check out this video to give you an idea how it works.

The iStorytime app is available on iTunes and the Apple App Store, costing US$2.99 for the iPad app and $0.99 for the iPhone version.

Source: CNET, via Engadget

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