Apple acquires transit app maker Embark

Apple has allegedly purchased Embark, a company the makes transit apps.

Apple has allegedly purchased Embark, a company the makes transit apps.

It is becoming apparent that Apple is investing more on its Maps technology, especially after news about its latest acquisition came around. The iCompany has recently bought the transit app maker Embark for an undisclosed amount.

The acquisition comes about a month after Apple acquired HopStop, a local navigation service with an expertise in transit directions.

Embark provides transit apps for 10 different transit systems in seven populous areas in the United States: New York City, Boston, Long Island, New Jersey, San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Reports claim that Apple plans to integrate Embar’s subway mapping know-how into the next version of Apple Maps, which has been a subject of ridicule for its life-threatening inaccuracies. The first version of Apple Maps did not come with a direct transit map, so users were refered to third-party apps like HopStop and Embark when checking for train schedules.

Providing transit schedules and directions has been include in Google Maps for years now. Apple needs to step up its mapping service to keep its loyal users from patronizing vital non-Apple apps.

Apple did not disclose much when asked by the tech press, only commenting that Apple has bought “smaller technology companies from time to time.”

Source: Mashable

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