Apple accepts water-damaged iPhones for trade-in

Apple accepts water-damaged iPhones in trade-in program

Apple accepts water-damaged iPhones in trade-in program

Apple has updated its recycling trade-in program, allowing users whose iPhones were water-damaged to trade in for cash.

Previously, iPhones that have been accidentally soaked in water or other liquids were not accepted in Apple’s Reuse and Recycle Program, which was launched in the United States in August and in United Kingdom last month. Apple has yet to announce the update formally, but 9to5Mac cites Apple retail employees saying the trade-in criteria was revised as of this week.

However, not all water-damaged iPhones will be accepted. While the change in the program will allow more users to trade-in their damaged iPhones, Apple employees still do not accept seriously water-damaged smartphones. Any evidence of liquid under the iPhone’s display or corrosion in the ports makes the iPhone ineligible for any trade-in value, even if the iPhone’s liquid contact indicator is not fully red.

And for obvious reasons, water-damaged iPhones costs lower at trade-in (up to $120) compared to non-water-damaged iPhone models.

Source: Mashable

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