Apparent Doxie One Portable Scanner

Working  in a digital world, using digital versions of documents is important. People would want to make digital copies of important documents that they have with them- receipts, business cards, photos, certificates and more. But doing so may not be as convenient yet for some people. But this can be resolved by using a handy device the new Doxie One Portable Scanner by Apparent Technologies.

The Doxi One Portable Scanner is a handy scanner that lets you scan documents by using only the device itself, even when there is not a computer in sight. What it does is scan a document and then store it on an included SD card. This allows the scanner to be portable enough to bring along just about anywhere. Users can then use the SD card for making the transfer when they get home or at the office. They can then use a card reader to attach to a computer and transfer the digital scans.

Users can also directly synchronize the scanned documents by attaching an iDevice using a 30-pin connector to the portable scanner. There is also a Doxie app for the computer that make organizing the scanned files easier. The Doxie One is the newer version of the Doxie Go portable scanner without the WiFi feature. It is expected to be available on the last week of November for US$149.

Image Source: Doxie

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