App stores reject games with “Flappy” in title

Apple and Google blocks new apps with Flappy in title

Apple and Google blocks new apps with Flappy in title

The aftermath of Flappy Bird’s removal from both iOS and Android app stores continue to linger, as both Apple and Google have reportedly been blocking game submissions that have “flappy” in the title, after thousands of Flappy Bird clones have applied for approval.

While both companies have yet to issue a formal statement on the matter, TechCrunch has reported on comments from several developers whose apps were blocked for “attempts to leverage a popular app.” As if that is not enough, a number of apps with similar gameplay have also renamed their titles and added “Flappy” in it.

Meanwhile, MobileDevHQ has said that based on the data they gathered, movement in the iOS App Store charts have come to a standstill, suggesting that Apple is attempting to limit the impact of Flappy Bird clones on its app store. With the immense amount of press coverage Flappy Bird and its creator Dong Nguyen received, it is unsurprising how other developers are trying to cash in even after the Nguyen pulled out his blockbuster app.

It is Flappy Bird’s simple yet frustrating gameplay that has made it addicting to mobile gamers. You can still find similar game apps that are not Flappy Bird rip-offs like Badland and Piou Piou.

Source: Digital Trends

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