Apogee Groove USB Amp

Apogee GrooveMany people strive to get the best sound quality out of the headphones they use. While others find those standard gadgets already sufficient, it may not always be enough for the serious audiophile. Some try to go for professional grade audio equipment just to do the job for them. But studio-grade audio equipment does not always come cheap. If you wish to start small, then this new Apogee Groove USB Amp may be something worth considering.

The Apogee Groove is a USB headphone amp and Digital to Analog Converter or DAC. This device helps provide your headphones with the ability to deliver studio-quality audio output. The Apogee Groove boasts of up to 24 bit/192kHz audio and the Constant Current Drive feature that lets it adapt to the frequencies of your headphone to make them sound better. The Apogee Groove amp gets its power from a USB slot, making it convenient to use with your desktop computer or even your laptop. The device feature volume controls in front to conveniently let users handle level changes and muting.

The Apogee Groove may just be the audio accessory you need to experience hearing some high quality audio out of your headphones. But mind you, the privilege does not come cheap. The Apogee Groove USB amp is available for $295. You can check it out at the Apogee site to know more of the details for this device.

Image Source: Apogee

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